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European furniture outlet. Established in 1990. Worldwide delivery available.

Furniture styles

Division into styles is quite conditionally. Pay attention that in a "Furniture styles" section there are two separate large groups of subsections. This separation will help you to orient in a variety of furniture of different styles which we represent in our website. Viewing furniture in a modern style and furniture in a country style at the same time you will easily understand regularities and general trends of a style of a particular group of items.
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European furniture outlet. Established in 1990. Worldwide delivery available.
Living room (sofa set) Marino
Coffee table
Bedside table Arte Veneziana
Chair Medison
Screen Chelini
Classic items: 14035
Chair with Ottoman Febo
Serving trolley Museum
Chair Intervista
Sofa Veliero
Garden sofa Square
Chair GRAY 09
Daybed Jazz
Table Cross
Modular sofa LES FEMMES
Modern items: 20266
Armchair Circus
Chair S233
The Peacock Chair
Chair Bek Chair
Table Medici
The Stereo chair Armchair with castors
The Buffet Continental
Model: Feel
Semi-circular sofa Sitting Open
Designer furniture items: 3606
Bed Borsalino
Chair Georges
Sofa Valentino
Showcase Dolcevita
Bench Eleganza
Coffee table Ludmilla
Bed Tosca
Chair Taka
Desk Dimitri
American style items: 540
bed with high back Damasco
Sofa George
The Chair Gaia
Genevieve coffee table
Chest Misor
Dining table Tosca
Showcase VE31
Bed Couture
Art Deco items: 2253
The Liberty Chair
Table free Liberty
Liberty Bed
The Liberty Chair
Liberty Sideboard
Sofa Liberty
Cabinet (furniture Cabinet)
A Snack Bar Liberty
The Liberty Chair
Art Nouveau, Liberty styles items: 211
Gong coffee table
Dining room (dining set) Misor
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Misor
Bedroom (Suite bedroom) Misor
Bed Mirage
Three-seater sofa Saraya
Sofa Bubba
The Bolle Chair
Avant-garde items: 46
Showcase Tonin Casa
Kitchen furniture kitchen) Canova
kitchen Mozart
Dining table Cosimo piano
The Soft Wood Sofa
Kitchen (kitchen set) Elvira
kitchen Gaia
A country style, rustic style items: 219
Dining room (dining set) Baroque
Wall console
Clothes hanger Bella Vita
Living room (sofa set) Ricordi
Double sofa Meroni Francesco
Bar-Globe Bella Vita
Set for bedroom Igea
Bedroom Luna
Baroque, Rococo items: 1386
Sofa Peppino
Cupboard Paper Wardrobe Patchwork
Chair Darling
Double bed Bauhaus
Bed C459 Ellisse
Table SC15
bed Oceano
Dining rectangular table Kaleido
Eclectic items: 770
The Solitaire Chair
Dresser Heritage J. S.
Dresser Heritage J. S.
Contemporary Opera Chair
Bookcase Giotto
Double bed Vendome
English style items: 87
Table Shogun
Sofa bed Net 82
Screen 545
Wardrobe Shogun
Annibale Colombo Cabinet
Wardrobe Nairobi
Chair Bora Bora
Secretaire Kensington
Ethnics items: 90
Kitchen furniture kitchen) Fiori di Campo 43
Drawers Bed Design
Kitchen Athena
The snack bar
Kitchen furniture kitchen) Canova
Sofa corner Royal
French style items: 158
Chair Leggende Future
Baby bed PM.BD.YO.1
Chair Alice
Wardrobe CL056
Chest Comò Sofia
Console Mirandola Export
Bed Dylan
Fusion items: 572
Double bed Gabriel
Orlando bedside table
Bedside table bedside Adone
Wardrobe bar 549 Diamond
Living room (a Suite for the living room) Leonardo
Bed PM.BD.YO.27 / PM.BD.YO.29
Armchair Philosophy
Glamour items: 758
Table Hugo
The Portofino Bench
Rack Wally
Bar stool
Rack Joker
The Armchair Casanova
Table Liko
Chair Elle
Bar stool Wok
Hi-tech items: 274
Bed Fly
Indigo dining table
Bed Rodi
Table Dama
Bed Felix baby letto
Seat Nuovo Arturo
Bedside table Indigo
Parisian Buffet Table
Loft items: 38
Sofa corner
Eva bar stool
Turtle bar stool
Gaston Sofa
The FK Lounge chair
Ceoo Desk
The Ami Ami Chair
Sofa Maria Vecchia
Minimalism items: 398
Furniture for TV
Wall Taormina Happy
Sofa Tango
Dining table Victoria
Luigi XVI bed
Bed 900
Bureau SC18
Roberto Giovannini Mirror
Kitchen (kitchen)
Neoclassic items: 289
Pop Outdoor Armchair
The DUNE sofa
The Chair Ouch
The MT chair
Chair Ring
Rocking chair Gongolo
Bar Riedizioni
Tizzi Armchair
Pop art items: 133
Sofa Gio
Bed Dora
kitchen Nuvola
Modular system
Provence items: 138
Bedroom (furniture-bedroom)
Three seater sofa Armando Rho
Headsets for bedrooms Idalia
Roberto Giovannini Mirror
Console Spini
Venetian style items: 73
Miss uncovered chair backrest
Console Spini
Vintage items: 18

So, the first group includes the sections, "Historical furniture", "Classical furniture", "Modern furnishings", "Ethnic furniture", "Designer furniture", "Furniture country style".

Our site is designed largely for customers who themselves are looking for furniture for your interior. They are not so important to the Regency era is a particular piece of furniture or to the era of Louis XIV. Therefore, the category of "Classic furniture" – furniture is made in the old style, "old-fashioned", "Modern furniture" is a fashionable furniture made from new materials, "not old", in other words, "Ethnic furniture" – furniture exotic for the Russian buyer, "Designer furniture" - furniture created by renowned designers and, finally, "Furniture country style" is the furniture is simple, sturdy, no "RAID" antique.

In General, the concept of a style implies an ideological or artistic community. In turn, this commonality might be specific to a certain time, the direction in art, the individual. The second group of subsections from section styles reflects this professional aspect of the notion of styles: here you will find the furniture of a particular era or style of art.

The site is in the process of continuous improvement, if you, our readers: designers, architects, critics, historians will see in these the division into styles shortcomings, and wish to write their own comments, and better articles, we are pleased to invite you to cooperation.

At the moment we are replenishing the product catalogue and only a small part of the furniture assortment which we can offer you is represented on our website.

If you have any questions regarding products which are not presented on our site, please feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call!

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